AVCon 2017 Panel Application Form
Panel Guidelines
• Timeslots are first come, first serve! So get your application forms in early!

• Panel applications close on Friday 20th of May. Applications received after this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

• AVCon does not guarantee that you will get your preferred day and time slot, so it is recommended that you choose a second preference just in case.

• Panels will be provided a one hour timeslot. Please plan your panel to have a maximum run time of 50 minutes. This will allow time between panels for the audience to leave/enter the room, and for the next panellists to set up.

• If you intend to bring your own equipment, please ensure that:
- you inform us that you plan to bring your own equipment, and
- any electrical equipment require a current electrical test tag.

• AVCon at any stage reserves the right to decline, terminate or reschedule your panel for any reason. (Examples of reasons include; inappropriate content or behaviour, timeslot availability and space changes.)

• All panels that are deemed to be mature content will be assigned an evening timeslot, and only persons 18 & over will be able to attend/run the panel. (Ages will be checked prior to entry of panel.)

• AVCon will provide up to two weekend passes for panellists. If more are requested you may be invoiced for the additional passes.

If you have any queries regarding these guidelines, please let us know via email to events@avcon.org.au

Panel Information
Panel Name
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Panel Description
Please include information on tone (eg. humorous, serious) along with descriptions of any activities taking place, such as demonstrations, or audience participation.
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Program Description
Please provide a short description of your panel that will be used to advertise your panel in our program booklet and on our website. (60 words min, 80 words max)
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Does your panel contain content that could be considered MA15+ or higher?
If yes, please provide detail of the mature content.
(Keep in mind that it is against policy to show any form of nudity, animated or not. If any panel is caught violating this policy, the panel will be terminated immediately. Mature panels will only run on the Saturday evening and ages will be checked at the door.)
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Preferred panel days
Preferred timeslot
(Please tick 2 of your preferred times. Be aware that AVCon does not guarantee you’ll get the timeslot you’ve chosen, but we will try our best to cater to your request. Panels have a 1 hour long time slot, extensions can be negotiated. If you are any later than 10 minutes without any notice to your panel, it will be cancelled.
Are there any times that do NOT work for you?
Be sure to mention any other panels or events with which you do not want to clash, however this may be unavoidable in some cases.
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Technical Requirements
AVCon will be providing some equipment for each panel, such as a PC with PowerPoint Viewer, VLC media player and Windows Media Player, a screen and projector, a lectern with a mic, a table and access to power. If you plan to bring your own equipment, please ensure that you arrive early in order to allow yourself extra time to set up before your panel starts.
Are you planning on bringing your own equipment?
Please be aware that all electrical equipment is required to have a current (in date) electrical test tag.
Please be aware that all electrical equipment is required to have a current (in date) electrical test tag. If you plan to bring your own equipment and it does not have a current electrical test tag, it will need to be tested prior to the festival weekend.
In order to maintain quality and compatibility AVCon would also like to test your media on the PCs that will be provided in the panel rooms in case your equipment fails to work or isn’t electrically tested. This check is to also assure that you presentation falls within our rating guidelines. If your panel is accepted, we will contact you to arrange your presentation submission.
Contact Information
Given legal name
First and Last names
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Business Name
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Contact Email
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Contact Phone
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Contact Address
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Other Panelists
Please list the full names of all panelists that will be present for your panel. We will provide up to two complimentary passes. You may be invoiced if more than two passes are requested.
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Have you previously run a panel at AVCon?
If so, please list them below, along with any panels which you were involved in.
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Other Information
If you have any questions or additional notes you wish to state, feel free to put them below.
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Submissions after the 20th of May may not be accepted. If you don’t receive a response 2 weeks after submitting this application, please contact panels@avcon.org.au
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