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Many thanks for your interest in participating in SubTech 2020, happening July 16 - 18 at Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville, Tennessee.

SubTech brings together legal scholars, educators, practitioners, technologists, and others from around the world who influence the development and substantive application of technology in legal education and practice. Since 1990, SubTech offers a unique experience at the intersection of the technology of law and legal education—not simply for SubTech's longevity, but also in its informal, collaborative approach to crafting the content based on participants' interests and expertise.

The Organizing Committee currently is considering open applications for participation on a rolling basis. SubTech is an intentionally small, curated event and we expect to quickly reach maximum capacity.

SubTech 2020 is a free event being underwritten by Vanderbilt Law School and other sponsors. Please note that all travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of participants.

SubTech co-founder Marc Lauritsen offers a brief history of SubTech (written in 2016) here:

For more information about SubTech, please visit the event website:

The OC and I look forward to learning more about you and your interest in SubTech! I'm happy to respond to any queries and can be reached at the email address below.


Cat Moon
Vanderbilt Law School
Host, SubTech 2020

SubTech 2020 Organizing Committee:
Alice Armitage, UC Hastings College of Law
Alyson Carrel, Northwestern Law School
Jeanette Eicks, Vermont Law School
Dan Hunter, QUT Law School (SubTech 2012 Host)
Marc Lauritsen, Capstone Practice Systems (SubTech Co-Founder)
Roger Skalbeck, University of Richmond School of Law (SubTech 2016 Host)
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