Craft Growers Orientation Questionnaire
The purpose of this questionnaire is to better serve you, the craft grower, as you transition to the legal market. The more information BC Craft Supply receive, the more effective we can be, serving you!
We have broken the questionnaire down into two distinct sections. The first section contains no personally identifiable information but serves as a way for us to understand your location, operation and community. Answering all questions is not required but the more information given, the better BC Craft Supply can serve craft growers. The second section is optional. Containing personal information, this section is meant to provide specific information for individuals/companies/corporations interested in assisting and joining BC Craft Supply.
If you would like BC Craft Supply to help you directly, you can then complete the final section so we can follow up with you. We respect your privacy, and will not sell, share or release your personal information. We look forward to working with you as you move into the legal market!
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