National Wood Carvers Association Survey
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About how long have you been a member of NWCA (Chip Chats subscriber)?
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How do you use Chip Chats (check any that apply)
What do you enjoy MOST about Chip Chats magazine? (check any that apply)
What do you enjoy LEAST about Chip Chats magazine? (check any that apply)
What other topics would you like to see in future issues, if any?  
Would you prefer to read Chip Chats printed or online?
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Would you like to see an online but member-only version of Chip Chats (in addition to the print edition)?
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If past articles were placed on the website, would you like a word search feature?
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Would you be interested in purchasing gear with the NWCA logo (hats, shirts, jackets, decals, patches, etc.)?
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How do you prefer to pay your annual dues?
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Are you a member of a local carving club, and what is its name?
Is there a club in your area?
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Which materials do you like to carve (check all that apply)?
How would you characterize your carving experience?
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Do you have a preferred style of carving?
Hand tools
Power tools
Both Hand and Power
Chip Carving
Relief Carving
Carving in the Round
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How often have you used the Chip Chats website ( in the last two years?
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Online Resources you use (check all that apply)
Are you aware that NWCA has a Facebook group?
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How often do you use Facebook generally?
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Do you watch YouTube carving videos?
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If you do watch YouTube carving videos, who are some of your favorite creators?
Which wood-related magazines do you regularly read?
Who are your favorite carving book, article, or video authors?
What would you like to tell the NWCA Board and Chip Chats leadership (if anything)?
Thanks for taking the time to help us help you.  We appreciate it.
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