Kahului Small Business Concerns
Small businesses already struggle to survive in Hawaiʻi. During Covid, many businesses fell apart and many more are struggling to stay together. As a former small business operator, I understand the challenges that our small businesses encounter. Iʻd like to capture your voice and find out how I can help your business thrive. Survival is not good enough. I want our small businesses to thrive without a question of doubt. Your business is a thread of the fabric that weaves our community together. It is your business that gives visitors a unique Hawaiʻi experience, because your business comes from the heart of our community.

Please take a moment to tell me how I can help you thrive beyond these turbulent times. Your answers will help us provide solutions. Your information is kept confidential - it doesnʻt leave the survey, and is only used for response purposes only. You will only receive a follow-up if your response requires.
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Through your help, I want to raise minimum wage without hurting small businesses. Please share your thoughts with me, as they come to you. Iʻm regular, so no need write special. Say it like it is, and I will figure it out so that the entire working class [includes you] succeeds. *
Please drop a line here, if youʻd like to continue the conversation on how I can help you. For those of you who choose to continue, this conversation will become an action plan immediately, for my team to get started. We will rise together as one solid common+unity.
Did I miss something? I am always checking to see if I hit all the bases, and have not missed something that is crucial to you. If there is something else youʻd like to share with me, please use this space to tell me about it.
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