4Rs Action Project Report 2018-19
Thank you and your class for your efforts to reduce waste and practice the 4Rs at school and beyond! To help us better support your great work, as well as assess our program offerings and collective efforts, please complete the form below once you've completed your class Action Project.
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Tell Us About Your Action Project
Please provide a summary of how your students took action after the Transfer Station Tour to educate others about the 4Rs.
How did your action project build awareness about environmental issues related to the 4Rs within and/or beyond your school community?
What were your project's challenges and/or accomplishments? How did you measure your success?
Discuss ways in which students, teachers, and families were involved.
Be sure to include (a) Number of participants involved, and (b) Any other teachers, staff or community members you coordinated with on your project.
Direct Involvement
List the number of people in each group that were DIRECTLY involved in the project.
# of Teachers/Staff:
Grade(s) They Teach
# of Students
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# of Parents
# of Other Participants
Indirect Involvement
Approximately how many people were indirectly impacted by your Action Project? (e.g. via school-wide communications, events, posters, door hangers, etc.)
# of Community Members
Quotes, Photos & Material Samples
Please include any student/teacher quotes, copies of outreach materials (posters, door hangers, etc.) curriculum samples, photos of students and teachers, or media coverage.
Photos and other documents can be emailed to your classroom liaison, or uploaded via the next question.
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