Spring 2021 | Healing in His Wings
"But unto you that fear my name, shall the Son of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings; and ye shall go forth and grow up as calves in the stall." (3 Nephi 25:2)

If you spend any time examining the Savior's mortal life, one of the attributes that stands out immediately is that of healing. His time is consumed with laying his hands upon the heads of those who suffer from bodily afflictions, evil spirits, sin, and heartbreak and making them whole. He is the great Physician. If we truly believe that He is "unchangeable, from everlasting to everlasting," we know that His healing continues in our lives, even if we can't touch His robe or physically feel His touch. (D&C 20:17) His love and compassion for us continues as he succors us with the knowledge and strength only He possesses.

How has the Savior's healing power touched you or those around you? Have you seen His power in priesthood blessings, whisperings of the Comforter, or the sanctification that comes through repentance? Tell us how you have activated Jesus Christ's healing power to overcome life's physical, mental, and spiritual heartaches.

Use your talents and creativity to interpret this theme in your submission. Be sure to follow our submission guidelines (https://www.workandwonderco.com/submission-guidelines). We look forward to reviewing your work!

Please submit on or before September 15th, 2020 to be considered for our spring issue.

If you would like to pitch an idea to us rather than submitting a complete piece, email us your pitch at submissions@workandwonderco.com. In under 300 words, explain your idea, how you feel it fits the theme, and in which of our five sections it belongs. We will respond to your pitch within one week. If completed work does not meet our editorial standards, we may choose not to use the finished piece, or may request you go through a few rounds of edits with us.
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