Coastal Cyclists 2021 Executive Committee Nominations
Use this form to nominate fellow members to any one of the five elected positions on the Coastal Cyclists executive committee. According to our by-laws:
"Elected Officers - There shall be five (5) elected officers to provide the organization with guidance and leadership: A President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Member-at-large. Together acting by such rules as they may establish, they shall constitute the Executive Committee. These elected officers shall be nominated in December, elected in January and installed at the February meeting of the general membership."

Each office is described here. Below each description is a field where you can enter the name of a member you wish to nominate for that position.

Please be sure you have that person's permission to nominate. You are welcome to nominate yourself.
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Nominee for President
The President shall be the official representative of the organization in all matters and shall be responsible for all the activities of the organization and is especially charged to lead and coordinate its programs toward the fulfillment of its purposes. He shall preside at all Executive Committee Meetings and all meetings of the general membership. The current president is Phil Whirley.
Nominee for Vice President
The Vice-President shall assist the President in his duties and shall assume those duties in the Presidents absence. He shall also assume such other functions as assigned by the Executive Committee. He shall be responsible for the agenda of the monthly meeting of the general membership. The current vice-president is Stewart McKeever.
Nominee for Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds. The reporting of financial conditions at meetings, the proper record keeping of finances, with the exception of the funds generated by the Racing Committee. The Treasurer shall receive and maintain a financial report from the Racing Committee Chair and shall maintain this information in a separate journal for the purpose of distinction and accountability. The current treasurer is David Champagne.
Nominee for Secretary
The Secretary shall maintain records, conduct correspondence, and perform the normal functions of this office, and such other functions as the Executive Committee shall assign. The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept all minutes of the monthly meeting, The Executive Committee Meetings. The current secretary is Laura Riesmeyer.
Nominee for Member-at-Large
The Member-At-Large shall represent the general membership at Executive Meetings and shall assume such other functions as assigned by the Executive Committee. The current Member-at-Large is John Bayard.
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