N4G Commitment Registration Form
Thank you for your SMART commitment to step up the efforts on achieving the global targets and ending malnutrition in all its forms.

This form is intended to help you register the concrete action(s) that your Government or organisation is committing to undertake to improve nutrition. Multiple commitments are encouraged across all five thematic areas.

The completion of this form is required in order to register your commitment(s). Pledges can be made at any point in 2021 and can be publicly announced at key N4G Events. All commitments will be recorded in the Compact, the outcome document of the Tokyo N4G Summit. Commitments will be also shared publicly by the Global Nutrition Report that will be tracking and reporting their progress annually.

For guidance, please refer to the N4G Commitment Registration Guide, available at: http://www.nutritionforgrowth.org/commitment-registration-guide

Please contact N4G@globalnutritionreport.org with any questions relating to the form or the registration process.
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