Think of Thai Rice : What Do You Think?
Thank you for your time, we are greatly appreciated. We will do our best to serve the quality rice to the world.
1. Have you seen any advertising of Thai rice before? *
2. Where have you seen an advertising from? (If you have not seen, please skip to the next question)
3. Do you know Thai rice has variety of color, such as white rice, brown rice, red rice, purple rice, and black rice? *
4. Do you think Thai rice has many health benefits? *
5. Do you think that Thai rice is a premium quality rice *
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Totally Agree
6. Do you think Thai rice tastes delicious? *
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Very Delicious
7. Do you know that Thai rice can also be developed into many innovative products? *
8. What kind of rice innovations are you interested in? (Select as much as you want) *
9. What would be your suggestion?
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10. What is your gender?
11. Are you Thai citizen?
12. Where are you "currently" located?
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