Accelerate ME Cohort 7 - 2020/21 Writtern Application
Welcome to the Accelerate ME 2020-21 Programme application form.

Applications will be reviewed in September 2020, with the deadline being late November 2020.

Should you need some support from our team or Accelerate ME in general before then please reach out to us on social or directly to our director -

Good luck, we're looking forward to hearing about your amazing startups and ideas!
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Keep the 1st Weekend December 2020 available?
I know it is a long time away! Should you be successful in all stages of the application process, you will be invited to attend our Bootcamp. This is a one day event held in Manchester and it is the final stage of the application process designed for Accelerate ME to get to know you, your team and startup better. If you are unavailable on this date, we will try to make alternative assessment arrangements.
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