Youth COVID-19 Messaging - A Grant Opportunity from Spirit of Youth
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Youth COVID-19 Messaging Grants are intended to support youth-led projects for middle and high school students that meet the following GOALS:

1. Increase awareness that COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that people can give to other people -- even if they don’t have symptoms.
2. Increase community awareness of the need to flatten the curve (slow the rate at which people get the virus).
3. Help connect people to resources in the community.
4. Promote the use of the Careline (More info about Careline at
5. Promote healthy activities while hunkering down (social distancing).  
6. Promote activities that contribute to mental health while hunkering down (social distancing). This includes staying connected, happiness, entertainment, amusement, etc. Get creative! You know what other teens would enjoy!

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