All Denizens invited to party in the Pamiverse
Saturday April 20 6PM WEBSTER'S
Cocktails with Ham and Cheese
Stories Rated O for OH NO! You didn't?! (tales of the obvious, the outrageous and the odd)
Cindy Simmons, Pam Monk ringleaders, Musical Guest: Stacy Tibbetts
Sunday April 21, 7PM WEBSTER'S Buffet Dinner: Self-Basting Roast, served with Crow and Humble Pie
Jacki Hunt and Pam Monk ringleaders, Musical Guest Jacki Hunt (World Premiere Forbidden Pamelapolis!)
Monday April 22, 630PM STATE THEATRE
Stories of First Times (tickets available at State Theatre )
Teresa Hamilton and Pam Monk ringleaders. Musical Guest: Jim Colbert
(Saturday and Sunday are free! Monday is the usual SOTS!)
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