What is Neo4j Desktop for you?
We are planning to redesign Neo4j Desktop and welcome your feedback on what's important to you. This will help us improve future versions of Neo4j Desktop.
I am a...
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I've been using Neo4j... *
I use/used Desktop... *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
...to manage my databases
...to organize my work (projects, files)
...as my first interaction with Neo4j
...to use and explore graph apps
...for prototyping and/or local development
...to create and use my own graph apps
How important for you are the following existing features of the Neo4j Desktop: *
Not important all
Barely important
Very important
Access Neo4j Browser and Bloom
Access other graph apps
Show metadata about my database
Start / Stop / Dump my database
Access and manage database settings
Manage plugins
View logs
Use Projects to organize my work
Use multi-database support to organize my work
Project files (dump files, saved queries etc)
Comments (if any):
What functionality is missing in Neo4j Desktop?
What would you like Desktop to do better?
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