A Question of Identity
University of Dundee
Digital Interaction Design Honours Project
Alice Horton
Hi, I'm Alice Horton, a 4th year interaction design student at the University of Dundee. This is a research survey designed to collect broad, contextual information around the subject of personal identity. This information is to be used to generate insights that will inform my design and overall project this coming year. The survey will take 10-20 minutes of your time so feel free to grab a cuppa. The majority of the questions require text input so feel free to skip some of the questions you find uninteresting.

My project aims to create a product/service that improves the human experience of identity in some way, it's in very early stages so the data gathered using this survey will mainly be used to drive the project in a more focused direction to allow me to preform more detailed interviews. If you would be interested in taking part in the interview process feel free to contact me at alicehorton25@gmail.com.

I am not responsible for any discomfort caused by the following questions. You can discontinue the survey at anytime. Hang in there!

The information you submit in this form:
- is anonymous as you like, every question is optional.
- will only be analysed by me.
- the results will only be presented to other design students and my two lecturers.

My lecturers are:
- Chris Lim s.w.lim@dundee.ac.uk
- Ewan Steel e.r.steel@dundee.ac.uk
About You
Introduce yourself in your own terms.
What do people say is your greatest strength?
What do people say is your greatest weakness?
Do you agree?
Clear selection
If not, how does your perception of yourself differ?
Do you consider yourself weird, queer or outside of the normal?
Do you want to be more 'normal' or more different?
Have you ever experienced an identity crisis?
Clear selection
If so, what was the circumstances?
Are there any aspects of your identity you'd like to change?
Do you feel like any specific media (movies, music, books, etc) have strongly affected who you are today?
When asked to create characters, do you create them in your current image, a desired image or something completely different from yourself?
What object do you identify with the most? (e.g animal, object, place, etc)
How do you believe Identity is formed? (i.e is your identity created by others, or is your identity your own?)
Do you consider your identity easily changed?
If you had the opportunity to change your name, would you? What would influence your choice?
Are you happy with who you are at the moment?
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