Dropship Application Form
Welcome Business Owner! :)

Are you ready to start your business:
- at a very low cost, and
- no hassle to handle physical products and delivery?


Yeah! You are on the right page!

By joining our Drop Ship Program, we will fulfill the sales obtained by you - from receiving order until shipment to your customers. And, the good news is, you can use your own brand! We will not be involved in the actual dealing and transaction between you and your customer.

Furthermore, you will obtain the right to use our pictures and marketing materials to increase your sales (term and conditions apply). Save time and less headache, right? You can focus more on increasing your sales!

Interested? Join us in 3 simple steps:

1. Fill in, and submit this form.

You will receive our Drop Ship Agreement via email. Read through the agreement, and if you agree to proceed:

2. Print and sign the agreement form (last page), and initial each page of the agreement. We will arrange for the signed agreement to be picked up by a courier company.

3. Bank in RM50 as registration fee to the account stated in the agreement form.

That's it. You will be officially registered in our Drop Ship Program and eligible for 15% - 30% discount on our products! We will guide you through after that, in sha Allah.

Looking forward to working closely with you! :)

Lastly, we wish you a great entrepreneurship journey. May Allah grant ease in anything you do.

Thank you.



Founder of Muhsin Kids

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Thank you for your interest to participate in our Drop Ship Program! You will be contacted via email, once your application has been processed and approved. Have a productive day ahead!
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