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During the delegation’s preparation for taking part at WorldMUN, a wide variety of organizational tasks concerning training, logistics, fundraising, social events, sponsoring as well as public relations will have to be carried out. Where do you think you could contribute most and why?
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For our records: How did learn about WorldMUN Heidelberg?
Additional Documents
Almost done - however, to get to know you and your abilities to prepare some output, we ask you to please send us two documents via email to :

1.) A recent CV (preferably in English, but German also works, in PDF format); and

2.) A written statement of one page (A4) total, in PDF format, on the following:

a) Describe your personal motivation to be part of the University of Heidelberg's delegation to Harvard WorldMUN; and

b) Add a statement on a political topic (not necessarily WorldMUN or UN related) that has caught your interest recently: Why? In your opinion, what is the main point of conflict and what are the key actors or stakeholders and why do their interests collide or coincide?

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