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We are sending this survey to identify your needs and desires so that we can develop alternative ways to we can serve you during this time of reduced services and possibly beyond.  Realizing We realize everyone has different needs, abilities, and interests we are trying to diversify as much as we can to provide services and supports in new and different ways that are meaningful to you.  We are relying on you to help us shape those services.  

One way we are looking to add on to available services is what is called “Step Services” (Start Towards Emerging Possibilities).  These services are provided outside the Adult Activities Center and can be provided in three settings: in the home, virtually or in a safe community-based site.  If you chose in home services a SAW Inc. staff would come to your home and participate in activities with you.  SAW, Inc. could provide you transportation if you participated in community-based services.  These activities could include up to 3 peers from the centers that were interested in participating in the same activities.  If you were interested in virtual services, we can drop you off activity supplies and provide an instructor virtually.  There are certain requirements to participate in these programs such as group size being 4 or less, service hour minimums, and you cannot be receiving HPC services at the same time as Step Services.  This service model may or may not be an option for you.   If you are interested in learning more let us know and we can participate in a discussion about it with you and your Team.

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