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Complete this questionnaire for inclusion in the Global Climate and Energy Platform. 

This platform enables a global audience of investors and potential partners to learn about promising projects and technologies. 

Answers will be viewed by the Research team at Altru Climate who will then follow up with a conversation if your project is appropriate. To learn more about this View this link. 

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Headline. In a sentence why is this interesting? 

Description.  Short, high-level explanation of the project.

Problem. What problem is this project addressing?  

Solution. What is the solution that is provided?  

Impact. What positive impact does it have on climate, energy, or society in general? 

Data. What evidence is there that this product or service works? 

Technology. What is the core innovation and intellectual property  

Stage. At what stage is the company in its development? 

Investment. How much capital and time has gone into the project? 

Funds Use. How much funding is needed now and how will it be applied? 

Risk factors. What are the primary risks to derail this project? 

Customer.  A discussion of the customer and why we feel they will embrace the product. 

Business Model.  The business model and how the company will become self-sustaining. 

Economics. The financial outlook for the project. Capital needs to grow. 

Vision/Upside. What is your vision of this projects potential for impact? 

Biography of management team. Copy and paste in a brief paragraph on key members. And/or provide a link to biography or Linkedin profile. 
Who would be an ideal partner or investor for this project? Be as specific as possible such that we can make appropriate introductions. 
Which of the following are you interested in meeting?   *
Investment Stage. At what stage(s) of investment best describe you? 
Recent Investments. What was amount of the last financing round? 
Is the email you provided above the best way to communicate with you? If not provide mobile for text messages or phone along with any special instructions.  *
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