Attendance Hours for Credit
Maintaining social distancing, below you will find various opportunities to recover your attendance time needed for the course credit. We look forward to hearing about your Lock-Heart Acts of Kindness throughout this recovery process.
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What is the amount of attendance hours you need?
Please check the following that apply:
1-2 hours
3-4 hours
5-6 hours
7-8 hours
9-10 hours
Babysitting for family
Tutoring sibling(s) or another student via phone.
Reading a Children's Book younger elementary student
Yard work/chores for a neighbor
Walk neighbors dog
Essential Worker (HEB, McD's, construction, etc)
Email positive notes to Essential Workers (police, medical, food services, custodians, grocery employees, etc.
Create positive posts on social media for Essential Workers
Productive hours in Edgenuity
Other activity: Please be specific.
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