Marketing Placement Opportunity Survey
Please complete this form to help us best align you with a marketing placement student. Second year, Business Marketing, placements are 112 hours for two days a week for 7 weeks in March and April.  Third year, Business Administration Marketing placements are 240 hours over six weeks in March - April.  

Placements must be supervised.  

All information collected will be used to profile your business to students and create matches with prospective students based on goals, interests, skill and skill development. Once this form is received, your information will update our database. Students may email or connect with you through LinkedIn.  They will typically send you their resume expressing interest in placement or asking for an informational interview.

You can expect to receive periodic updates with links to student profiles and you are invited to join our LinkedIn Placement & Connections Group for students and businesses

You will be giving the opportunity to review student profiles and then connect through the closed LinkedIn placement & connections group.  

Thank you for your interest and engagement with our students in their learning journey.  If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me or call/text 613-484-9537.   Yours in learning, Pam Bovey Armstrong  
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