APA Boot Camp Workshop - Part 1, APA Style Format
Fill out this quick quiz to receive your Certificate of Completion for viewing the recorded workshop for APA Boot Camp Workshop, Part 1, APA Style Format. If needed, refer to the library's home page at https://library.fau.edu or APA Boot Camp LibGuide at http://libguides.fau.edu/apabootcamp for answers.
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1. The organization that developed the APA Style Manual is *
20 points
2. In APA Style writing, writers are cautioned to avoid showing bias in their language. In which of the areas listed below could bias easily be shown when writing? *
20 points
3. Which of the following formatting areas are not addressed in the APA Style Manual? *
20 points
4. APA Style outlines levels of headings to be used within a paper (see below). Which level of heading should be used for a main heading, such as "Introduction" or "Conclusion"? *
20 points
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5. APA Style Manual offers guidelines for *
20 points
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