7th grade Course Choice Slip
DIRECTIONS FOR CURRENT 6TH GRADE STUDENTS: Your counselor will be using information you submit on this form to create your 7th grade schedule. They will also review your previous STAAR scores, benchmark scores and teacher recommendation to determine core classes.

Please ensure you select one from the required elective section and one from the elective section and an alternative course.

Include your best contact email in the space requested. You will receive a verification of your selections at your LFCISD email address, and your counselor may also use the email address provided below to make contact if there are any questions for you regarding your requests.

If you would like your counselor to contact you to discuss course options, please reach out via Counselor's Email Address or phone number as listed below.
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Required Elective (Select One) *
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Please Note:
**One high school credit course

* half high school credit course

Elective(s) may be replaced with enrichment classes due to Benchmark/STAAR results, LPAC, 504 and ARD recommendations. Electives may be replaced by one of the following:
Reading Enrichment
Math Enrichment
Star Lab (Dyslexia lab)
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