Team Meat Press List
This is a sign up for the official Team Meat Press list. This list will be used to send out official press releases and review codes when the time comes.

Because this is for official press only, we will be verifying the credentials of those who fill out this form. We've made all of the fields other than Name and Email optional because for some of you your name or email address will verify your credentials.

For those of you who are freelancers, just starting out, or whatever, the more information you provide us the better. Feel free to fill out the Comments answer with all the information you want us to know about you, your publication, your channel, etc.

We are looking to get as many legitimate press contacts as possible. We don't care who you work for, we only care that you are serious about reviewing and covering games and have an audience that pay attention to what you put out.

Also thanks for filling this out, we know forms suck.

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