[2020 SST] Online Central Valley SST Registration
Date: 7/15-7/30
Place: Virtual meetings via Zoom
Details will soon follow in the coming week. Please sign up now.
Deadline: 6/7 (early registration); 6/14 (final, firm deadline)
Cost: $50 (for lesson book, T-shirt, award plaque, etc.)
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By clicking "Yes" below, I am going to the Summer School of the Truth with an open and willing heart, a proper attitude, and agree to take seriously the Truth Lessons that are going to be given. I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations, follow the Summer School schedule, and cooperate with the serving ones in all the Summer School activities. I have read and agree to the dress code. *
Parent Release Statement
By clicking "Yes" below, I, as Parent/Legal Guardian of the student listed on this form, acknowledge that: The student listed on this form has my permission to participate in the 2020 Summer School of the Truth that will be held virtually via Zoom from July 15 to July 30, 2020. As the parent or legal guardian of this child, I hereby release the 2020 Summer School of the Truth, the Church in Sacramento and the participating churches and its members, and any person(s) designated by the church to serve in the activities mentioned above, from any financial obligation(s) resulting from any accident or injury that may occur to my child during the time period mentioned above. I also give my permission for my child to attend the 2020 Summer School of the Truth and allow designated serving ones to provide transportation to, during, and from the 2020 Summer School of the Truth and for other related purposes, and to provide emergency medical treatment to him/her in case of injury or illness en route to, during, or from the 2020 Summer School of the Truth. *
By typing your name below, you certify you are the Parent/Legal Guardian of the child listed on this form and that you acknowledge and accept all responsibilities outlined in this form. *
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