Submit a Comment on an AASHTO Standard
INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill out the form below to submit a comment or recommendation for a change to an AASHTO Standard. Once submitted, your comment will be reviewed and submitted to the AASHTO Subcommitee on Materials (SOM) for review. This form should not be used for submitting comments on Standard written by ASTM or other Standards Development Organizations.
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Example: T176
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The name of the Technical Section can be found at the bottom left-hand corner of the standard.
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Example: Section 5.4.2
Enter your suggestion or comment here. Please be as specific as you can, stating that current wording and your suggestion for what the wording should be changed to, if possible. *
Example: Change "Record the mass of the specimen after drying." to "Record the mass of the specimen before and after drying."
Explain your rationale for why the method should be changed. Again, please be as specific as possible. *
Example: "The method currently does not specify that the mass of the sample should be taken prior to drying. However, the mass of the sample prior to drying is needed in order to complete the calculation of the moisture content of the sample."
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