Only for Bulgarians: EVS project in Biella, Italy, November 2017- November 2018 (for people 18-30 years old)
Long-term EVS project in Biella, Italy.
The main goal of the project is to promote active and effective citizenship, thanks to the involvement of young volunteers in the initiatives of the association which are devotede to social outcasts and people in need. We believe that we can construct a society which includes everyone, especially the most marginalised, only starting from young people, which can trigger a real change. Their active participation, which will involve their creativity and specific skills, will be a concrete factor of social innovation that will get all the community involved. We believe that this project can contribute to the participants' personal and social development, precisely because it puts them in a direct relationship with those who are marginalised.

The presence of volunteers, in our opinion, will also be positive for those who benefit of the initiatives of the association, especially for minors and for the boys of the schools where the preventative projects are held.

There will be two young people involved and they will perform the following activities: working in flats and reception centres side by side with their guests (listening and staying close to them), in the local soup kitchen and solidarity stores (collaborating in daily works, working side by side with the guests), in the prevention projects which are held in local schools; entertaining minors in an area that will be realized in one of the structures.
The young volunteers will be involved in the activities of a social housing project, in the centre of Biella, where there are women in a vulnerability situation.

Moreover, they'll be involved in the services for homeless people and they'll carry on a project of activities for children which families are living in public apartments: after-school activity, workshops, games, neighbourhood activities, etc.

The volunteers will organize meetings for the students of secondary school about poverty, social inclusion and human development.

The presence of young volunteers will encourage innovative elements in the services and in the activities in which they will be involved, thanks to their backgrounds and personal skills.

Volunteering in this field will give them the chance to develop organisational and projectual skills, starting from the contact with those who benefit from the services of the association, with our workers and with other volunteers.
We expect that the activities organised will improve the SVE volunteer's cross skills (both relational and technical ones), especially thanks to the contact with people in need, which is the heart of the volunteering experience that our association offers.

The volunteers will live in a house in the center of Biella on a walking distance from the places where he/she will work.
The volunteer will receive pocket money and food/money for food and the accomodation is provided by the organization.
There are Italian language classes provided by the hosting organization as well. The classes are with people from different countries.
More concretly, the volunteers will be working with people in difficult economic situation:
Working in flats and reception centres side by side with their guests, listening and staying close to them (four times a week + twice times at the evening)
Helping in the soup kitchen fot poor people and in the solidarity stores, collaborating in daily works and working side by side with the guests (twice a week)
Working in the prevention projects which are held in local schools, about immigration, human promotion, etc. (once or twice a week, according with the schools)
Entertaining children in an area that will be realized in one of the structures (twice a week).

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