2019 Cordova Fungus Festival Exit Survey
Thank you for joining us at the 13th annual Cordova Fungus Festival in Cordova. We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organizing it.

Fill out this survey and be entered to win a hand-made knitted mushroom pin. Please complete this survey by September 10th to be entered to win a prize. But we'll take your feedback at any time.
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How did you get to Cordova? *
Was your travel experience pleasant and simple?
How much do you agree or disagree with the following:
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The Guides were knowledgable and helpful
The Schedule worked well
The speakers were informative and interesting
I enjoyed the classes (Fungus 101, Preserving Your Harvest, etc)
The festival provided all the right materials and information
Communications with the Cordova Chamber of Commerce PRIOR to festival were clear and efficient
Interaction with Festival Welcome table was friendly, professional and helpful DURING the festival
Online registration and payment were simple and easy
How did you feel about these festival events
1 = Did not like it 5 = Loved it
Did not attend
Copper River Canvas "Fungus Among Us" paint night
Bear Bread Painting Class
Guided Forest Forays with Kate Mohatt
Guided Forest Forays with Chad Hyatt
Guided Forest Forays with Ken Hodges
Wine & Cheese Mushroom Recipe Potluck
Friday night Live Auction
Wild Food Cooking Demo with Chad Hyatt
Fungus 101: Mycoflora Project with Kate Mohatt
Natural Dyeing Workshop
Kid-led Foray with Gabriel Wingard
Kids' Funtivities at the Masonic
Wild Harvest Feast
Processing & Preserving Your Harvest with Nikki Newcome
Net Loft Crafting Fungus Fiber Art Workshops
Harvest Writing Workshop with Tara Anderson
Fungus Passport raffle
Michael Anderson Art Opening (Copper River Gallery)
Additional feedback on logistics or timing of the festival?
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