2019 #BakeLove Festive Treat Swap
2019 festive cookie / treat swap sign up. Organised by Claire at She-Eats.Com.
Please answer all questions. By signing up you are committing to taking part - it would be against the spirit if people signed up and then didn't send anything.

Full details will follow in due course.

Please complete and submit by Sunday 10 November 2019.
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Do you have any food allergies we need to be aware of? *
If yes, please detail below. Please note, I will pair allergy suffers with others the same. If this is not possible, I will advise.
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If you do / don't suffer from an allergy, would you be able to be bake safely for any of the following:
By taking part, you must agree to having your data used in the following ways. You can only take part if you agree to all. Please check each to agree to taking part: *
And the final hurdle! Dull but necessary. By taking park as a baker, you agree to be fully responsible for supplying your goodies with a full list of ingredients. As a recipient, you are fully responsible for checking ingredients and the decision to eat them lies fully with yourself and not the organiser. If you are unsure about any ingredients please contact the organiser who can ask your counterpart. *
Thanks for taking part. I will be in touch with updates soon. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter (She_Eats_Blog) and Facebook (SheEatsBlog) so come over and say hi!
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