Lost Property Report
If you have lost your item on campus, please fill out this Lost Property Report. If your lost item has been found, Workshop will contact you with the details you have left on this report.

Please note that we only accept a limited number of items in our Lost Property.


*Valuables (Laptops, cameras, jewellery) are kept until end of semester
*Bank/Debit/Credit cards (this will be shredded after 1 month)
*Passports and driving licences (this) will be returned to the appropriate government body after 2 weeks
*Student ID cards are sent to Monash Connect daily
*Clothing is kept for 2 weeks and then donated to charity if not collected


*Drink bottles or lunch boxes
*Gym clothes, undergarments, shoes, socks
*Notes/Sheets of paper
*Large items of equipment: Sports/Travel/Music Equipments (eg. Helmets, Scooters, Skateboards, Trolleys, etc.)
Full Name *
Category of Lost Item *
If your item was NOT in the category above, please write it down below: *
Description of your Lost Item *
Please leave a detailed description of your item (e.g. Colour, brand, size, etc.)
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