CL1: HPW Core Lecturer Leadership Training 2019 Application Form
The purpose of this event is to train teachers for the highly successful ACCESS / DST Habitable Planet Programme, which is run 3-4 times a year across Southern Africa. The training aims to both improve the participants general presentation skills, as well as developing skills in researching and presenting a on a specialist topic. This is a great opportunity to improve your transferable skills; furthermore, those students who pass the course will have the chance to teach at one of the upcoming Habitable Planet workshops as a student lecturer.

Please note that the training opportunity is only open to HPW Alumnii (Planeteers) who are based in RSA and you cannot take the course more than once. The application process has two step and two forms to complete:

CL1: Completed by 28 September 2018
CL2: Completed by 20 October 2018

Once you complete this form (CL1) you will then receive instructions as to how to fill out the CL2 form in due course. Please be patient.

You may need to refresh your mind as to the core lecture's content before completing this form. Please see the following resources:

Overview doc:

Online course:

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