Ride With The Chicas del Norte!

Norte! is dedicated to developing the next generation of active, happy, bikes-for-life leaders in Traverse City.

We're fun. And we like to ride bikes. A lot. But we need more girls. Lots more.

Chicas del Norte! is our grrrrls on bikes empowerment pilot program to try and fix this.

There are no obligations, commitments or costs to get involved with the Chicas but we do ask that you:

- Ride your bike A LOT. To school, in the woods, on the TART Trail, to your friend’s house or just to the park. Doesn’t matter. Just ride your bike and inspire your friends to do the same.
- Be a positive role model and ambassador for Norte!.
- Have fun but be safe when you ride. Always wear your helmet.
- Dream big! Set and achieve goals both on and off the bike. Believe in yourself.
- Join us on group mountain bike rides or community events whenever possible.
- Race with us if you want. Learn from our mentors. Train hard. Get fast. Stand on the podium!

Currently the Chicas are riding together at 3 of our weekly rides:

Vasa Domingos (Mother's Day to Iceman) : http://elgruponorte.org/what-we-do-2/vasa-domingos/

Fridays@TheCommons (starts in June) : http://elgruponorte.org/2015/04/21/fridaysthecommons/

TC Rides, our slow, chit-chatty community summertime ride (starts late May): http://elgruponorte.org/what-we-do-2/tc-rides/

Norte! has lots of other happenings too. Check out our calendar for details: http://elgruponorte.org/calendar/

Learn more about our TC-wide Safe Routes To School programs: elgruponorte.org/school

More info on our Norte! Racing program: http://elgruponorte.org/what-we-do-2/nyc-racing/

And our bike-tastic week long summer camp: https://elgruponorte.org/traversecity/bikecamp/

Email us with questions at hello@elgruponorte.org

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