Fast Track Application 2018-2019
The FASTTrack Application has to be in by Monday OCTOBER 8th 2018 to 6:00:PM

The Fast Track program is a rigorous 8 month program that exposes talented young women and minority high school students to the financial services industry and meets at Goldman Sachs. Beginning October 16th 2019 & ending in June 2020. Students meet with mentors twice a month and focus on developing skills in two key areas: financial aptitude and career|personal development. If you are interested in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, ECONOMICS, FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, MATH, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, REAL ESTATE or BANKING as a CAREER choice and hoping for a career on WALL STREET or in CORPORATE AMERICA, PLEASE APPLY!!!!


If you are a student athlete and have sports obligations such as Football, Soccer, Track & Field, Basketball, LaCrosse etc.. during the FASTTRACK Wednesday sessions; you are being advised to think about this very seriously.
We encourage Sports if it gets you to your desired goal and education with positive outcomes, but this year we WILL NOT allow sports programs and late afternoon games to interfere with important sessions. Many of you in the past few years, have not been able to manage both successfully. Getting to FT @ 7:15pm or 7:45pm after a game does not service you well, since FASTTRACK ends at 8pm. YOU have to know if you can handle both seriously.


Many students over the years, have applied to FT and their parents were not aware of what FT was, or where you were and caused some confusion and now ALL parents MUST know where you are every 2 weeks.If this is not adhered to the studentack Program, students MUST fill out the form entirely and complete the essays by the deadline of Monday, October 8th, 2018. This year there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

>Please submit any questions to or contact

>Mr. STEPHEN F. SMARTT EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 347-528-6243 (9am-6pm Mon-Friday) ONLY!

>To learn more about the program and mentors; students & parents please go to

>DO NOT provide your H.S. email addresses. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT provide a H.S. email
> Students MUST provide a working cell phone number or number where they can be contacted.
> If you do not have an email address PLEASE make one so we can contact you (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)


Students will be contacted about the status of their application AFTER October 10th, 2019. The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 16th. Students will be provided the exact date! Please check your email inbox and SPAM/JUNK MAIL daily after submitting applications.

Feel free to email or call to inquire whether you were accepted or not. The acceptance letters will be emailed after 10/10/2018

We DO NOT send out physical letters! ONLY emails of acceptances and declines.

Unfortunately Freshman cannot apply for FastTrack. We only allow 10th 11th & 12th Graders. The internships are only for Juniors and Seniors

YOU MUST HAVE A (B) AVERAGE to apply for the FastTrack Program.

FINALLY...If you are not accustomed to being challenged, this program may not be for you. This is a competitive program. KNOW YOURSELF, KNOW YOUR ABILITIES and be willing to grow, understand that the mentors do not play favorites. Come and fight for your place in the world and be mentored by bankers, lawyers, hedge fund professionals, corporate executives, MBA's, financial analysts, financial advisors.. etc

Good Luck to everyone and remember............

"EVERY accomplishment begins with the decision to TRY"
-Edward T.Kelly-
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