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Join us for the blessed opportunity to serve the guests of Promised Messiah(as) 
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By the grace of Allah and with the prayers of Khalifatul Masih (aa), Insha`Allah for the first time full scale Jalsa Salana Canada 2024 will be held at Hadiqa Ahmad. 

Due to the scale of this Jalsa at our own property, there are many areas of Jalsa Salana that require extra man power, expertise and volunteer commitment. 

We are seeking members of Jama`at to please sacrifice their time and expertise for the success of Jalsa Salana Canada 2024 in the spirit of 
Waqf ‘Ardi.
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Thank you for offering your services at Jalsa Salana Canada 2024. 
Nazim sahib Waqf 'Ardhi will contact you soon, Insha`Allah
Nazim Waqf Ardhi
Musleh Shanboor - 437-226-1821
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