Change of Meal Preference
You must give 2 weeks notice to change your child's meal preference.
You will receive email notification once your request has been processed confirming the date your new meal preference will commence.
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Please confirm which meal your child currently has at school *
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Your can select more than one box. You cannot choose a combination of school lunches and packed lunch
If you need to find out if you are free school meals, please apply online
If you have selected to change to school lunches, are you entitled to Free School Meals? *
It is very important that you complete a medical conditions form if your child has any allergies.
Does your child have any food allergies? *
If you answer 'Yes' please ensure you complete a medical conditions form
If you have answered yes to the question above, please give details of your child's allergies
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If you are opting to change to school lunches, you must ensure that you keep up to date with the charges.
Payments can be made online using Scopay
If you are changing to packed lunches and you have money to pay on your account, you must clear this within 2 weeks.
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