317Church Facility Request
Hi, we're glad to support our area and open our doors, but we'd like to know a few things.  Feel free to add any extra information in the final "Misc" section.

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Email *
Requester *
This is your name, or the person who is responsible for the event/program.  Who gets thrown under the bus (that was meant as a joke, please don't throw anyone under a real bus)?
Phone *
What is a good connect number (mobile would be great)?
Organization *
Who is the organization this is for?
Purpose *
What is the purpose of this event?  (birthday party, scout function, business meeting, family reunion, polka party...)
Attendees *
I know, this can be tricky, but about how many people will be in the building for the event?  Doesn't have to be exact, an approximate number is good.
Supplies *
What do you need from 317Church? How many rooms, a stage, sound equipment, Wifi, kitchen area, and so on...
Event Date *
What day do you want the building? If needed for a date range please select the starting date and explain the other dates or range in the "Misc" section below.
Time *
Start and End time (ie 6pm - 9pm).  This doesn't include setup or teardown.
Prep and Cleanup *
How much time do you need before and after the event?
How do you prefer to be contacted? *
Feel free to share any additional information that we should be aware or, or anyone you know at 317Church that you may have talked to (imaginary people don't count).  Thanks for thinking of use our building.
Do you agree to return all furniture and supplies to their original location and clean up after your event? *
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