FAQ and Registration Form
Please read the FAQ's below, and then fill the form completely. Once submitted allow 24 hours to get your profile and tracking set up, at which time we will email the details, including the links and tracking dashboard.
Is there anything I need to buy or pay to join?
No. This is a program designed to pay you, not have you pay Built Bar.
How do I refer somebody?
Once your profile has been set up in our system you will receive an email with 2 links that you can copy and paste in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, texts, wherever you feel they would be best served. One link for new customers ($10 off FIRST BUILT BAR PURCHASE) and the second one for returning customers (10% off).
Is there a discount code I need to share?
No, the links you are given will auto-populate the discount in checkout at BuiltBar.com
What is the preferred discount code (in reference to the form below)?
This is where you can suggest an individualized or custom code for your followers, friends, or family to use that will give them 10% off while you are credited for the sales. We will do out best to set up the code you request however not all codes are available, in that case, we will set up a variation of the code you request.
What are the discounts given to my referrals?
First time customers who have never purchased from Built Bar before get $10 off when they use your link for first time purchases. Returning customers will get 10% off their purchases when they use your link.
How much do I get paid?
You will receive $15 for each new customer (never purchased from Built Bar before), and $4 for that customers second and third purchases from Built Bar.
How and when do I get paid?
All payments are processed through PayPal on Friday each week. If you do not have a PayPal account we recommend signing up today, there is no need to wait for the signup process to be complete as you can accrue funds while you are in the process of signing up.
I referred my friend with my the 10% off link, but I didn't get credit for the purchase, why?
We track each purchase to the original source that brought the new customer in, so if they used an ambassador code to get a discount in the past, that original ambassador will receive the credit. This also works in your favor, if your friend makes their first purchase with your link, and then forgets to use your link on their second purchase, you still get credit for that transaction.
How long will the Built Bar Community Initiative last?
There is no end date set. As long as we are able to contribute back into local communities the Built Bar Community Initiative will continue.
I have more questions that weren't covered here, who do I contact?
Just email Team Built at teambuilt@builtbar.com
How do we get started?
Fill out the form below and we'll get working on setting up your profile and the tracking links right away!
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