Kitsilano Beach Water Polo 4s Tournament - 2019 Team Registration

What, Where and When:
4 on 4, beach water polo tournament
Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver
August 10-11th, 7am-12pm

Questions or concerns? Please contact:
Team Registration:
Please note: ALL PLAYERS must be in good standing and currently registered with their national water polo organization (USAWP, WPC)

- To enter multiple teams, please make multiple form submissions.
- Masters division suggested ages 17+; youth division suggested ages 13-18.
- Playing in multiple divisions is allowed. Please place players in the division(s) that best suit their skill levels.
- Youth players are allowed to participate in the Masters divisions if their skill level fits.
- Please be aware, there will be two games running simultaneously. So playing on multiple teams may create scheduling conflicts.
Fees and Schedule:
The entry fees and number of games will very from $100 - 250 CAD, depending upon the number of teams in each division. But the cost will be around $50 per game.
An invoice will be sent out after registration and fees will be due one week prior to the tournament.
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Tournament Rules
Beach Water Polo Rules:
(All standard (new FINA) water polo rules apply, unless described otherwise below)

- 15 x 10M field.
- Size 4 balls.
- 2.5 x 0.8M cages.
- Best of 3, 7 minute (running clock) rounds.
- 2 minute break and score resets between rounds.
- No shot clocks, but referees will discourage stalling and call turnovers when appropriate.
- Each team is allowed 1, 30 second timeout per round.
- Continuous play after goals, except at the start of each round which begins with a sprint.
- In the event of a tie in the third round, a modified shootout* will be held.

- 4 on 4 plus goalkeepers, suggested team size 6-10 players.
- Substitution rules are the same as standard water polo rules, except substitutions can be made anywhere along the team’s defending goal line. (There is no substitution corner)
- Ejected players must touch any corner of the field before returning to play, no ejection clock.
- Direct shots outside 2M allowed after fouls, goals and when inbounding the ball.
- Red and yellow cards are the same as standard water polo rules.

* Modified shootout rules:
- 3 offensive players are selected from each team
- teams will alternate taking shots
- the offensive player and the offensive team’s goalkeeper will start from their team’s goal line
- upon the referee’s signal, the offensive player will have 10 seconds to swim towards the opposing goal, catch a pass from the offensive team’s goalkeeper and take a shot
- the opposing goalkeeper will start with their head on their team’s goal line, but is free to move into the field of play after the referee signals the start of the 10 second countdown
- once the pass has been made, the offensive teams goalkeeper can no longer interact with the ball and the rules for regular play apply (it is essentially a one on nobody between the the offensive player and the defensive goalkeeper)
- if a winning team is not determined in the first round of 3 shots, the same shooters will go one by one until the winner is determined; it is not necessary to go through the full round of 3 shooters more than once. The winner could be determined in the 4th round of shooting or any subsequent round
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