WWU Game Jam
Plan, design, and create a game in two days!

January 27th and 28th
10 am to 10 pm on both days
Western Washington University, Bellingham WA
CF 105

Group planning and theme assignment starts at 10 AM on Saturday.
If you already have a group, attendance is still requested for getting a theme.
Presentations start at 9 PM Sunday

1) Work in a team (team of 1 counts!)
2) Create a game* in the time span of the jam.
3) You are not limited to video media. Board / card / other types of games are welcome too!
4) You may use any tools or libraries you wish and start with any base code.
5) You may use any assets that you have the legal right to, such as public domain artwork or music, but you must credit any resources not created during the jam.
6) Be respectful of the other people in the jam and the school property.
7) We want to have a lax, fun, environment. Don't be rude!

*Game defined as an artistic medium that is interactive in nature.

- Bring a laptop if you have one!
- Install a game engine or creative tools of your choice on your laptop beforehand.
- Walk through some tutorials for said game engine / tools.

Common game engines and tools: http://wwugamedesign.club/index.php/resources/
Facebook Event:
Discord: https://discord.gg/9eEzZcS

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This quarter's Game Jam is on January 27-28
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