Blood-Borne Pathogens
This training is REQUIRED. Please complete your training in the following steps:

1. View the PowerPoint located at:

2. Complete the form below.

3. Submit the form to receive credit.

Please direct any questions related to this training to Sue Pohlkamp, District Nurse at: (715) 693-2550 ext. 3006 or Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Steve Kaiser at: (715) 693-2530.

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Where can you locate the district's Exposure Control Plan? *
What percentage of people infected with HBV show no signs of symptoms? *
Staff members who work in positions determined to have occupational exposure to Blood-Borne Pathogens are entitled to a district-provided: *
Staff members who suffer a Blood-Borne exposure and have not had the Hepatitis B vaccination should: *
Blood-Borne pathogens are transmitted through: *
At work, transmission occurs by blood entering the body through: *
If exposed to blood: *
If personal protective equipment is damaged or doesn't fit, the staff member: *
What is the #1 protection against infection? *
For hand washing to be effective, it is recommended that hands be washed for: *
Red bags should be used to dispose of BLOOD or OTHER POTENTIALLY INFECTIOUS MATERIALS if *
Red bags are located: *
I acknowledge by submitting this document that I have reviewed the PowerPoint presentation on the bloodborne pathogens and universal precautions located on the district web site. I understand that I may contact the district school nurse regarding questions about this information and my eligibility for the Hepatitis B vaccine as defined by the Mosinee School District’s Exposure Control Plan. I understand that I may contact the School Nurse if I have any questions. *
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