INDA Admissions 2021 (Second Round) Survey
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the CU-TAD exam scheduled for January 9-10, 2021 has been canceled which may impact the first round admissions requirement for some students. If you are interested in applying to INDA, you can do so for the second round of admissions during March 8-31, 2021. You will need a valid/higher CU-TAD score, please provide us with the following information within SUNDAY JANUARY 10, 2021, and we will contact you for further instructions regarding CU-TAD requirements as soon as possible.
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Are you eligible to apply for the second round admissions in March 2021? (must meet all criteria except CU-TAD score) *
Do you have a valid CU-TAD score? (score over 45 and less than 2 years old) *
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