4 Days Detroit
July 25th-28th $180-$50 Deposit due May 24th
1953 Military St Detroit, MI 48209

4Days is a missions opportunity geared toward high school and young adult age individuals who have a desire to be used by God in any capacity. Participants will experience hands-on ministry, authentic discipleship, heartfelt prayer, powerful worship and preaching. Mornings will be filled with prayer, worship, then ministry training for students and special leadership sessions for pastors. Afternoons will provide opportunities to minister in various urban communities throughout Detroit, alongside the leaders of Courage Church. The evenings will feature key pastors & leaders who will impart God’s Word to us in unique, unforgettable ways!

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The Cost of the Trip is $180. Deposit of $50 is due May 24th
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I, the undersigned parent/legal guardian of the minor, grant permission for the above child to participate in 4 Day Detroit on July 25th-28th, 2017. I give permission for the release of any media taken at any events endorsed and sponsored by CrossPoint Community Church, Courage Church, or Hope Works. I understand the arrangements and believe that adequate precautions for the safety of my child have been made and will be provided during this trip. I hereby authorize and leader, volunteer, or paid, of CrossPoint Community Church, Courage Church, or Hope Works, to transport my child as needed in order to obtain any medical treatment from any licensed physician, surgeon, dentist, or medical treatment center, including emergency treatment/transportation. I agree that my digital signature below is as valid as my written signature.
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