Richfield Citywide Curbside Organics Sign-Up
One of the service options for Richfield residents in the City's new organized collection program will be curbside organics collection (weekly collection in a 32 gallon container). *This is NOT yard waste collection.* All residents in the organized collection program will be charged for this service but residents will have to "opt-in" to receive an organics cart and participate in collection. More education on organics collection (acceptable materials, tips, etc.) will be shared with residents as the City nears program implementation. Residents can learn about organics collection in general at

This is not the only opportunity for residents to sign up for organics collection. Residents will be able to sign up whenever they like, even after organized collection officially starts.

Data Privacy Notice: I understand that the information I provide on this form will be used to process my request for organics collection through the City of Richfield Organized Collection Program. Some of the requested information may be classified as private or nonpublic data and may be made accessible to certain City of Richfield employees and licensed haulers who need this information to perform their duties. Private and nonpublic data will not be made accessible to the general public. Data may also be shared as required by law. I understand that I am not legally required to provide this information, but if I do not provide it, the City of Richfield may not be able to process my request for organics collection.
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