Cosmos Championship: Incomplete Team Sign-up
This is the place to sign up as a team of one or two for the European, Australasia, and Intercontinental leagues, or own your own for the Public Forum and Parliamentary leagues. You will be placed with other members to complete your team. When this is complete you will be sent an email informing you of the contact information for the people who have been matched up with. After receiving this email you can to begin confirming your interest for upcoming rounds in the league(s) you have signed up for.

Please note the email account you use to fill in this form is where you will receive your team allocation email and your zoom debate links. You can expect a team allocation email in 1-3 weeks time. Until then, feel free to participate as an individual in upcoming debates until your team allocation arrives.
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General Requirements
You and your team must be capable English speakers (meaning you can still use the Cosmos Championship as a platform to improve your English speaking skills).
You will be disqualified if your team name is deemed inappropriate.
You must attend debates that you choose to partake in or face consequences including, but not limited to, disqualification.
You must show respect during all debates, both to the opposing team and the adjudicator(s).
I hereby confirm that I/my team will comply with the aforementioned requirements. *
What form of debate would you like to partake in?
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What age group would you like to participate in? *
If you are a team of two and would like to sign up as a full team in the public forum/parliamentary leagues and a partial team in the European, Australasia, or Intercontinental League leagues, you will need to complete this form to sign up as a partial team in the European, Australasia, or Intercontinental leagues and then sign up as a full team for the public forum/parliamentary leagues using the other form linked here:
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