COVID-19 Graduate Student Climate Survey
Questions About Student Circumstances and Access
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Do you have access to a reliable internet connection? *
How are you regularly accessing online synchronous classes (Zoom classes)? *
When you connect to class, how do you access the internet? *
Do you have regular access to a computer where you are staying? *
If you have access to a computer, does it have a working microphone?
If you have access to a computer, does it have a working webcam?
Does your computer have word-processing capabilities (e.g., Microsoft Word)?
Do you personally know of any students who do not have reliable access to the internet, or the technology needed to complete this survey? If yes, please share their name and phone number so that we can contact them with any available resources. Your name will not be shared in that conversation:
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Do you have access to the assistive technology that you need? *
How satisfied are you with the following aspects of our campus’s response to the COVID-19 disease outbreak?
Very satisfied
Moderately satisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Moderately dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
No opinion
Timeliness of responses to questions
Clarity of the institution’s response
Frequency of communication
Timeframe between announcements and action taken
Overall communication of efforts the institution has taken
How do you rate your current ability to cope with the stressors in your life?
To what extent are you concerned about the following?
A great deal
Not at all
Access to consistent education
Access to consistent food
Access to consistent housing
Caring for family members
Financial impact on my life
How COVID-19 will impact my health
How COVID-19 will impact the health of my family or friends
How this situation will impact my academic future
Lack of available emotional support
My ability to succeed in an online academic environment
Social isolation
Which of the following online or virtual resources would you consider utilizing during this time if they were available to you/continued to be available to you?
Which learning styles most accurately describe you? (Select all that apply)
How confident are you that you will be able to manage completing coursework online for the remainder of the term?
Describe any concerns you have about completing the semester successfully:
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Describe what type of support you are finding beneficial:
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What other ways can our campus help at this time?
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Is there someone at our campus that has been especially helpful for you that you want to recognize? Please provide their name and what they did to support you. We will do our best to share this with them.
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