What are your preferences playing action videogame?
Hello. My name is Beatriz Marcano; I am writing a scientific article about action videogames so I need current information. For that purpose, I have created this questionnaire which I expect you to answer, please.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and please pass this link to your friends who also play.

You can check some previous articles out at
http://naerjournal.ua.es/article/view/v3n1-5 : Graphics, playability and social interaction, the greatest motivations for playing Call of Duty. Educational reflections

and at: http://edwargame.blogspot.com.es/p/estudios-call-of-duty.html

And you can also contact me by twitter or email: @beatrizmarcano @edwargame

Thank you again for your collaboration

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Your answer
Favourite videogame (the most you play). If you prefer one, mark just one
You can choose more than one. If you play others that are not in the list, write it down where it says: “other” (otro).
If the game allows you, which team do you prefer?
Which one of these military/police forces do you think are more profesional/ more efficient?
When I start a game…
I prefer action videogames that represents or recreate:
With game practice I have learned about professional weapons:
If you could design a game, what theme would it have?
Your answer
What would you change about the games you currently play?
Your answer
Do you belong to any group, team or association?
you can choose more than one
Who are responsible for the current wars in your opinion?
Do you think that any country or organization should act as a main force in a posibly world war attempt? Which one?
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