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Which of the following medications is a student allowed to carry on his/her person while at school?
In order to leave the classroom, you must use what for a hall pass:
An on campus threat situation exists when a student:
Describe the possible consequences for making a threat while at school
Students who show up to school functions intoxicated or under the influence, or in possession of alcohol/drugs will be suspended for a minimum of
Any student may be placed on an Attendance Contract upon reaching a total of three unexcused absences, when a pattern of unexcused absences occur, or when the student reaches six absences. Is an Attendance Contract required in order to lose credit in your class?
Social Media Infraction, iPad Infraction, Smartphone Infraction, Computer Infraction, Network Infraction or any type of Telecommunication Infraction is defined as the failure to use hardware, software, electronics, web pages and networks for the intended educational use or in a manner that cause disruption at a campus or any DVUSD facility.
Students do not need to carry their student I.D. at all times. Students do not need to show I.D. when asked.
Drinks are not allowed inside the academic buildings.
Skateboards are not allowed on campus.
A student may bring one guest to OCHS dances with appropriate high school I.D. and a Dance Contract completed. Middle school students and guests over 21 are not allowed to attend high school dances.
A student may lose credit in a class upon reaching any combination of 12 excused or 5 unexcused absences.
There are no consequences for a student refusing to give an electronic device to a staff member when asked.
Incidents of sexual harassment should be immediately reported to the administration.
The term “Look-a-Like” drug can include any over the counter non-prescription pharmaceuticals. All medications are not allowed on campus unless they are checked in by a parent/guardian and distributed ONLY by the Health Center/Nurses Office.
Some situations of harassment or bullying on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other Social Media (i.e. text messaging, emails, etc), may have school consequences.
Profanity is not allowed on campus. If profanity is used towards another student or an adult it will be considered inappropriate. Profanity towards a staff member, teacher or administrator has SERIOUS consequences.
A parent does not need to provide medical documentation to excuse a student who is arriving late to school.
When using computers or other technology on campus you are responsible and accountable for all internet and computer activities.
Regardless of who throws the first punch, there are NO consequences for participating in a fight?
Bandanas, do-rags or head scarves cannot be worn on campus.
Seniors who choose to violate school rules and expectations may jeopardize their chances to participate in their graduation ceremony.
The student is responsible for items stolen from his/her locker or anywhere else on campus.
Students may not exit the campus until the end of their school day. Students needing to leave for an appointment must be signed in through the front office by a parent/guardian. The student will receive disciplinary consequences for leaving school grounds without permission or ditching.
Leaving campus without authorization may result in a suspension. O’Connor High School is a closed campus!
Ditching, not attending class or reporting to sweep within 10 minutes of the bell, may result in a detention or suspension.
A student had absences from school Monday and Tuesday. The assignments/tests from the days he/she were absent DO NOT need to be made up.
If a student is at home because of illness on the same day a long-term project is due, the long-term project must still be turned in that day
Students will be allowed 6 Sweeps before a suspension will occur.
Personal searches may be conducted by a district/school official when there is reasonable suspicion that a student is in possession of contraband, materials or items that present an immediate danger of physical harm or illness, or is otherwise not properly in the possession of the student involved.
Firearms, explosive weapons, chains, knives, billy clubs, brass knuckles, and any other dangerous or illegal instruments, or any instruments represented as such are considered weapons and could result in suspension or expulsion.
Possession of drug paraphernalia or drugs at school or any school function or being under the influence of drugs could result in 10 day suspension, long term suspension or expulsion.
Any persistent or repeated annoying or tormenting of another by a student, whether individually or in concert with other persons against another student is defined as harassment.
Expulsion is the permanent removal of a student from school by the Governing Board. This student may re-enroll only with the approval of the Governing Board.
Saturday School may be assigned as an intervention for students who are struggling with repeat discipline offenses and/or failing grades.
A tobacco violation refers to smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco and any and all delivery devices (e.g. e-cigarettes, vapes, pipes). Posession of tobacco products on campus or at off-campus school-sponsored events, is a petty criminal offense.
The start time for school is 7:35am and the end time is 2:17pm.
Thursday MTSS time is to be used for Academic purposes only.
Friends are NOT allowed to park in another friends parking spot. If a student pays for parking, they are NOT allowed to park in any parking spot.
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By typing your name on this digital form you are acknowledging and verifying that you have read and reviewed with your Student Rights & Responsibilities. As a student in the Deer Valley Unified School District, you have the right to a quality education. To make sure that every student enjoys that right, the District has established procedures regarding disruptive behavior. The procedures for student responsibility are designed to create an orderly environment that is safe for all students and staff. The rules are reasonable and fair and they are the same at each school. We ask that you read carefully the infractions and disciplinary actions for conduct with your child. By signing this form, you also acknowledge that the Deer Valley Unified School District will not tolerate students threatening the life of another person or threatening to cause disruption or damage to a Deer Valley educational facility. This behavior could lead to an automatic suspension and/or a comprehensive psychological evaluation before the student is readmitted to school.
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