GWSDAT Feedback
This feedback form is intended to give you the opportunity to help us improve GWSDAT. If you run into technical issues with the software, you can let us know below and we will help you resolve the problem. We also welcome general comments and suggestions regarding GWSDAT. You can also use this feedback form to share case studies with us that demonstrate the impact of GWSDAT. We would very much appreciate this, since it helps make the case for further investment in the software.
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Technical Problems
Use this section of the form to request help if you run into technical problems while using GWSDAT.
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Comments and Suggestions
Use this section of the feedback form to provide comments and suggestions regarding GWSDAT.
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Supporting the Impact of GWSDAT
GWSDAT is an open-source project with time and resources contributed by Shell and the University of Glasgow.  In order to make the case for further investment in GWSDAT it is very helpful to have case studies of its impact. If you have examples of this, we would be very grateful if you were willing to share these with us below.
Please give a brief description of how you use GWSDAT.
Can you provide particular examples of how GWSDAT has provided insights into your data, helped in decision-making or made more efficient use of resources (time, money, reduced sampling)?
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