How ready am I? Part I: The Basics
Wondering if you're ready to go there to serve Him and love them? Tools like this help you self-evaluate your readiness for overseas life, representing Jesus there. We won't see your answers, so challenge yourself to answer as honestly as possible. Use these answers to expose areas of your life where you might need to grow in preparation to go overseas. Consider enlisting a mentor to encourage and educate you!

You'll be able to retake the self-assessment, too. All responses will be automatically sent to your provided email address upon submission.

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1. My interactions with God are...
2. In my home country, I share with others about my faith...
3. How aware do you feel about the variety of roles necessary to fulfill Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations (the "Great Commission")?
4. My gifts and aptitudes include the following:
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5. My ideas of how they might expand God's kingdom overseas:
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6. When I think of the "fragrance" I leave with others on Jesus' behalf (2 Corinthians 2:15-16), I find...
7. I would describe my Bible and theological knowledge as
8. I have meaningful interactions (fellowship) with other Christians
9. I participate in worship with other believers and am part of a church body.
10. Describe your Bible reading, prayer, and study routines.
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11. I am currently supporting a global worker financially.
12. I have been walking with Christ for
13. Others who I respect have encouraged me to pursue full-time cross-cultural ministry. (Rank on a scale of 1 [not really] to 5 [yes, many times over].)
Not really
Yes, many times over
14. I continue to hold in-depth conversations with other global workers, and am expanding my understanding of their daily life and careers overseas. (Rank on a scale of 1 [nope] to 5 [definitely].)
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