Global Academic Maker Society Application
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Welcome to your first step toward joining a world-wide community of academic makers! In this application you'll :
1. Tell us about yourself
2. Tell us which interest groups you'd most like to join

Your application will be reviewed and you'll be contacted with further instructions (member dues, signing up for interest groups, etc.) For 2019, member dues (not payable until your application is accepted) will be:
- $100 for professionals/non-students
- $020 for students

Member benefits include:
- 10% off early registration for Int'l Symposium on Makerspaces [approximately $50 dollar value]
- 05% off course tuition for 1 HEMI course per year, e.g. Makerspaces 101 [approximately $150 value]
- Ability to publish in the Int'l Journal of Academic Makerspaces and Making

If you have any questions, please contact
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